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What Is the Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch in 2022

Looking for the perfect outdoor rabbit hutch for your furry little friend? They’re the perfect option for keeping your rabbit safe

These are the best outdoor rabbit hutch models you can buy right now:

What Is the Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

How to Find the Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch 

Are you looking to take advantage of warm summer days with an outdoor run in your yard with your pet? Or maybe you keep your rabbit outdoors all year long. You’ll need quality hutches to give your pet some cover from the weather and keep them safe from predators. 

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet and finding the right rabbit hutches seems like a challenge, we’re here to help. Here are some tips so you can find the perfect one for your bunny. 

What to Look For

Here are some things you might want to pay extra attention to when you’re buying a hutch for rabbits.


Think about whether your pet will be needing the hutch all year round and what kind of weather you’re going to be expecting. If it rains a lot where you live, look for hutches that will keep your rabbit dry. 

To keep your rabbit safe when playing outside every once in a while, you won’t need much. In these cases, you can opt for a simple, cheap construction that will be a more budget-friendly option.


Most hutches for rabbits are made from wood, and if your pet is a big chewer they might munch through it. If that’s the case of your bunny, make sure to find them plenty of chewable toys so they’ll leave the wall alone. 

In these cases, it’s also often best to find hutches that are unpainted or use water-soluble paints. Still, some bunnies are able to chew through everything, from wire mesh to wood. You’ll never know what the right option is for your rabbit until you try one out. 


Some outdoor rabbit hutches can be quite sizable, with several floors, ramps and nooks for your bunny to hide in. And if you don’t have space limitations, a big outdoor hutch is an ideal home for your rabbit.

On the other hand, if you’re only using the hutch to play every once in a while, you might benefit from something simpler. It’ll be better to have a cage for your bunny to play in that you can easily store in the garage when needed.


For occasional play, the most comfortable hutches for small pets may not even have a bottom, so your bunny has direct access to fresh grass. If your rabbit lives in the hutch, you’ll need to make sure it’s easy to clean. 

Look for rabbit huts with big doors that will allow you to do maintenance easily. Many rabbit hutches also have a removable tray for droppings to allow for easy cleaning.

Can Pet Rabbits Live Outside in the Winter?

Yes, pet rabbits can live outside in hutches in the winter, in some climates. They grow thicker fur in the winter to tolerate the cold weather better, but their ideal temperature is between 55 and 70 degrees.

If the temperatures tend to drop below about 20 degrees where you live, you’ll need to keep them indoors.

Remember that you’ll need to provide your rabbit with plenty of insulation to keep them warm in the hutch. A nice soft blanket will help them snuggle and stay comfy in the winter cold.

Can Rabbits Live Outside All Year Round?

Whether your rabbit can live outside all year or not depends a lot on the type of climate you live in. Rabbits are sensitive pets, not only to very cold weather but also to high heat. 

If you live in a warm climate that sees high temperatures in the summer, remember to protect your pet from heat. Anything over 85 degrees Fahrenheit will be a high risk of heatstroke for a rabbit. Closer to 20 degrees gets too cold for them to tolerate.

Are Hutches Good for Rabbits?

Hutches are great for a rabbit, especially if they live outdoors. Hutches are a much better option than just keeping your bunny in a cage. They give them more safety from both the weather and predators. 

Rabbits are always alert, and giving them a protected little spot allows them to be calmer when eating or sleeping. A burrow is their most natural living environment, so place blankets and plenty of hay in their hutches to allow them to build their perfect little spot.

Still, always remember to give your small pets time outside of their rabbit cages or hutches. No matter how big the hutch, it’s not enough exercise, and your bunny will need a couple of hours every day to roam free.

What Is the Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch?

In our review, the best outdoor rabbit hutch is the Trixie Natura Small Animal Home. It’s compact, easy to assemble and affordable. You can use it as a home for an outdoor bunny combined with a cage, or as a safe place to play outside. It’s also great for other small pets, from guinea pigs to cats.

The Best Outdoor Hutches for Your Bunny

Our Overview

These small outdoor hutches for rabbits from Trixie are a great option for those who are tight on space. They’re also a low-budget option if you’re not looking to splurge. Note that this model doesn’t include a cage, but you can join it with one.

The hutch has a front door you can lock when it’s not needed. When the door is open, it doubles as a ramp. You can also open the top to take out your rabbit or for cleanup. Another bonus point of this hutch is that it’s super easy to assemble even for those who aren’t gifted in crafts. 

These hutches are big enough to fit a rabbit, guinea pig or even a cat or a very small dog. They can get too tight if you have a French Lop or other larger rabbit breed.

Overall, it’s a good option for small animals that spend a lot of time outdoors and need a little extra protection from predators and the weather. If the conditions are harsh you might want to look into other options, since you can’t fit in a lot of insulation in this one.

  • Affordable.
  • Small size, ideal if you’re tight on space.
  • Handy door that doubles as a ramp.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great for small animals, such as a rabbit or guinea pig.
  • Not big enough to add insulation.
Our Overview

This small construction from PawHut has a fun and smart triangular design. It allows your rabbit to hide inside the hutch or step outside to see the sun. If it happens to rain, the water will fall straight off the roof of the hutch instead of forming a puddle and eventually filtering inside.

The hutch has a door to the outside you can lock so your bunny doesn’t wander off on its own. There’s another door on the cage, but the cage doesn’t have a bottom so your pet can enjoy the grass safely and with comfort. You can attach it to the ground if you want to keep it in one place, or move it around whenever needed.

The complete construction is a bit over 45 inches long and 21 inches tall, so it doesn’t take too much space. The sleeping area is small, too, so these hutches are best for no more than one or two pets, rabbits or guinea pigs. 

Assembling this hutch is simple, but you’ll need a screwdriver. The hutch is made of natural fir wood and steel wire, but it’s very lightweight and easy to move around. The only negative about the material is that it’s tasty for a rabbit, so they might end up munching on the walls.

  • Smart triangle design for rainy days.
  • Plenty of protected room for playtime for your rabbit or guinea pig.
  • No-bottom design for extra comfort.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Too delicious, your rabbit might start chewing the wood.
  • The wire closure can be flimsy.
Our Overview

These top-notch hutches from Petsfit have two stories for an extra fun playtime. This is not the cheapest model, but it’s one of the most well-made and versatile options for indoor and outdoor use.

On the bottom floor, you have a cage with a wide run area and a dropping tray for easy cleaning. This makes it an ideal alternative for those looking for a hutch to use indoors.

On the second floor, there’s another spot with some space for your bunny to hide. This section also has a dividing wall, which is the only part of this construction that feels a little flimsy to the touch. You can remove this wall if it feels uncomfortable or you want to make the sleeping area wider for your rabbit.

Otherwise, the construction is tough and well-made. It’s also easy to put up and comes with pre-drilled holes so you won’t need many tools to set it all up.

The roof allows water to fall off, and it also hinges to open up completely for easy access to your pets. This comes in handy if you need to get your bunny out or add padding or insulation.

Do note that this hutch is large. You’ll need about 46 inches of height and 31.5 x 26 inches of floor space. It has a nice look, painted in white and green, so if you have room, this hutch goes well with indoor or outdoor decoration. The paint does mean it’s not the best option for bunnies that chew everything in sight.

  • Droppings trays on both floors.
  • The hinge roof opens up completely.
  • Three doors for easy access. 
  • Sturdy construction.
  • The upstairs wall is flimsy.
  • Not good for chewers.
Our Overview

This Petsfit outdoor hutch is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and it’s a great option especially for chunky bunnies. It’s a simple construction with a hutch and a wide run area, but both sides have wide openings at the top to access your pet. The outdoor cage also has a big opening at the side.

Another positive of this hutch is that it’s easy to maintain spick and span. The cage is also about 7 inches from the ground, which is handy for indoor use—you’ll be able to clean up below the cage with ease. It also comes with an extra-wide and deep droppings tray.

The 7-inch feet also make this hutch a great alternative for outdoor use. Being elevated from the ground will help you keep your bunny warmer in cold weather, and the covered part is cozy. The hutch is big enough for one or two rabbits, and there’s no weight limit. 

Do note that this hutch is painted with water-based paint, which is generally safe for a sensitive, small animal. Still, it’s not recommended if your rabbit is a big chewer and might bite off and swallow large pieces of wood. 

Everything you need for assembly comes in the package, and the hutch is relatively straightforward to put together. Overall, it’s a functional and handy hutch that works both inside the house and outdoors.

  • Wide doors for big bunnies.
  • Deep droppings tray.
  • The cage is off the ground to keep your bunny warm. 
  • Enough space for hay and insulation.
  • Painted wood, not safe for voracious chewers.
Our Overview

This Aivituvin hutch is a best seller, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular among rabbit owners. It’s large and comes complete with two floors and two ramps for easy access. It also has wheels at the bottom so you can easily transport the hutch from inside your home to the yard.

All the closures are top quality, so you’ll likely get a lot of use from this hutch. The hutch is made from natural fir wood, and the stainless steel parts are corrosion-resistant. 

The bottom is wire mesh, and both floors come with anti-leak dropping trays. Note that you’ll have to take out everything on the bottom floor before removing the tray. This can get uncomfortable, especially given that the tray is so large.

The wiring is anti-chew, so it’s safe for most pets. Some rabbits manage to chew on it, so be sure to check up on your bunny on their first day in the hutch. 

It’s also big enough for most breeds, but some older bunnies can have a hard time getting up the steep ramp to the second floor. The top floor window also has a roll-open PVC door. 

  • Big and versatile.
  • Sturdy quality walls and closures.
  • Individual droppings trays for both floors.
  • Wheels at the bottom to move the hutch between your house and yard.
  • Top floor can be hard to reach for some bunnies.
  • Bottom dropping tray is hard to remove. 

two rabbits outside

The Best Hutch for Your Bunny

The best outdoor rabbit hutch is the Trixie Natura Small Animal Home. It’s a small hutch that goes perfectly with many models or large outdoor rabbit cages or on its own. You can also use it occasionally to keep your pet safe when playing outdoors. 

The hutch is easy to assemble and small enough to move around. It’s made of natural fir wood and has a large hinge opening at the top for better access to your furry buddy. It’s also very budget-friendly, so it’s a good option for your rabbit’s first outdoor hutch.

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