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Most of us know that rabbits like to chew. But did you also know that it helps keep your pet’s teeth in check, encourages them to exercise, and provides comfort? In order to protect your rabbit cage or other items from being chewed apart by your furry friend, you’d do good to invest in a rabbit chew toy.

But you might be wondering, what are the best rabbit chew toys? Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll review the following products to pick out the best one:

The best rabbit chew toys are

The Best Rabbit Chew Toy: Buying Guide

Let’s take a look at what features the best rabbit chewing toy should have so that it doesn’t harm your rabbit and encourages them to play with it.


Some types of wood such as branches of apricot or peach are toxic to rabbits when fresh. However, once you cut them off the tree and dry them for a month or two, they’re safe for your pet to chew on.

Many materials are also sprayed with pesticides, which is a common toxic substance involved in animal poisoning indoors. Therefore, look for organic wood or materials that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides, such as willow baskets that are free from the toxin. Aspen is another toxic-free material.

Finally, you don’t want your pet to eat plastic or other strange chemicals. Therefore, toys that are organic and made from natural materials are typically your safest bet. They tend to be biodegradable and sustainably resourced.


Another important factor to consider is the size of the chewing toy. It should match the size and age of your rabbit, which means that younger animals need smaller toys while fully-grown ones need bigger ones. Remember that a lightweight toy is preferred by your rabbit as well, because who likes to carry around heavy stuff all day?

There should also be enough room in your rabbit’s cage for them to actually play with their toy.


Some rabbit chew toys can be clipped or hooked to their cage, which leaves more space for your rabbit to play and makes the toy stay in place. However, the clip or hook must be solid and secure to prevent the chew toy from falling. Consider investing in toys with stainless steel hooks or clips since this is a durable, corrosion-free material.


While some chew toys are simply for chewing, others are made for your rabbit to play with them as well by rolling around balls or tossing them around the cage. Some chew toys also double as a sleeping place for your pet, such as a grass mat.

dried grass mat

Furthermore, some toys allow you to store some snacks for your pet inside them, which might encourage them to chew on it even more.

Other Animals

If you have more than one pet at home, you can also look for a chewing toy that works for other animals such as mice, guinea pigs, birds, and other small animals. This will help you save some money and storage space and make your other furry friends happy as well.

Reviews of the Best Rabbit Chew Toys

Let’s see how these products compare in terms of safety, size, and material.

Our Overview

This toy set comes in a pack of seven and includes two bell rollers, watermelon balls, apple tree branches, a dumbbell, a unicycle, and a molar block with a rope. All components are toxic-free natural wood, China fir and Schima superba specifically. The apple sticks are organic, pesticide-free, and have a natural taste as well. 

In short, you get a lot of safe toys for your money with this product.

According to customers, these toys are super sturdy and durable and will last your rabbit for quite some time. They also like how cute the whole set is and the sheer, polished finish of the wood.

Note that these chewing toys don’t only suit rabbits but also guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats which is a pro. They’re easy to clean and buyers also appreciate how many chewing sticks are included in the toy set.

As for cons, the zippered pouch accompanying the toys is very flimsy. Also noted by some users is that the toys can get moldy, which might be dangerous to your pet. This is the downfall of not using any chemicals or pesticides on the material.


  • Comes with six toys and a bunch of chewing sticks.
  • Made from natural and toxic-free wood.
  • The apple branches are organic and free from pesticides.
  • Sturdy and durably built.
  • Sheer finish.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Flimsy zippered pouch.
  • Some products may develop mold.

Our Overview

If you’re looking for a toy that your rabbit can both chew and sleep on, this grass mat is an excellent choice. It’s 100 percent handwoven and completely natural, so it’s free from chemicals and plastic. Since it only consists of grass, it will help your pet get more fiber into their diet. This also means that it’s a great sustainable choice and is completely biodegradable.

Included in the package are three grass mats that measure 11 x 8.3 inches and are 0.2 inches thick. This is small enough to fit in most cages for smaller animals such as rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, and even birds.

Customers like the fresh grass smell these mats have, and reportedly, so do their pets. Also liked is how easy they are to clean. It simply takes a quick shake, and you can put them back into the cage again.

However, some buyers feel like these mats are loosely woven, which makes them tear apart rather easily. Also, note that these aren’t the most long-lasting toys, and a rabbit will likely go through each mat in a week or two.


  • Great as a chew toy as well as a nest.
  • Natural and toxic free.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Smells like grass.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Tends to tear apart rather easily.
  • Doesn’t last very long.

Our Overview

For those of you that have rabbits that love playing with balls, this set of eight will give you a lot of bang for your buck. What’s great about balls is that they encourage movement for your rabbit, so they get a good amount of exercise. But these balls are also rich in fiber and great for chewing on.

The eight playing balls are made of natural materials, such as willow twigs, seagrass, hyacinth, coco fiber, hay, and rattan. This helps keep your rabbit’s teeth trimmed, and their 3-inch diameter makes them perfectly sized to nibble on for rabbits and similarly-sized animals.

According to buyers, the playing balls smell like fresh timothy hay, and they like that the balls come in many different varieties, so there’s something for every bunny.

As for cons, these chewing balls reportedly make a mess, so be ready to do lots of cleaning if you go for this product. They also don’t last that long since they’re made rather thin, and your rabbit is likely to chew through each ball in about a week.


  • A set of eight (or six).
  • Fiber-rich and great for chewing.
  • Different natural materials for variation.
  • Perfect size for a fully-grown rabbit.
  • Have a nice, fresh hay smell.


  • They leave a mess after them.
  • Built rather thin, so your rabbit goes through it fast.

Our Overview

While some chewing toys can be rolled around on the floor or simply stay still, the VCZONE apple branch toy can be hung from your cage. It features a metal hook that you can attach to your cage so that the toy can hang and stay in the same place while your rabbit chews on it.

Included with the apple tree branch cake are also three rattan balls in various shapes, a lollipop toy, four pine cones, and 20 apple sticks that your furry friend can play with on the ground. All parts use natural wood materials such as water grass, apple wood, and wood vine that have been cleaned and machine disinfected.

Customers like that the pine cones are very lightweight so that their rabbits can throw them with ease. They also enjoy the clear packaging that the toys come in, which you can also use as storage.

Less popular is the fact that some users feel like the apple branch is smaller than they expected. So note that it’s 9.8 inches long before you buy it. Others report that the material holding the balls together feels cheap and comes apart easily.


  • Apple tree branch can be hung from the cage.
  • Includes balls and pine cones.
  • Natural materials.
  • Light enough for your rabbit to toss around.
  • Clear storage bin.


  • Toys are smaller than they look like in the pictures.
  • Cheap materials.

Our Overview

The Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy is the most affordable product on our list. It’s 100 percent biodegradable and simply made of all-natural yucca that’s been dried in 60-degree heat without any chemicals.

As for shape, this is a toy that looks like a wooden log with holes in it, which makes it easier for your bunny to chew on it. For adult rabbits, it’s the perfect size, while you should cut it in half for smaller pets. Customers also state that the holes are small enough, so your rabbit won’t get its head stuck inside them.

Even though it looks rather heavy in the pictures, buyers say that it’s quite lightweight, so your rabbit can push it around and use it as a toy as well. At the same time, the toy is rather sturdy and lasts for a long time compared to many other wooden toys.

However, some state that the yucca chew toy is dusty and causes their pets to sneeze when they play with it. Others don’t like how soft the wood is since this causes their rabbits to chew more of the material and eat too much yucca.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Completely natural and biodegradable.
  • Perfect size for a rabbit.
  • Lightweight and can be pushed around by pets.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Makes the air dusty.
  • The wood is too soft, potentially making your rabbit chew off too much.

Our Overview

As our final products we have this pack of three differently flavored molar sticks: apple branch, sweet bamboo, and timothy grass. This way, your rabbit won’t get bored of the sticks as you can switch it up each time you offer them one. 

The chew sticks are available in either 100g, 300g, or 600g packages and come in a reusable paper bag that you can zip up and store your sticks inside.

These chewing sticks are free from pesticides and chemicals and have been washed and dried to be as clean as possible. Customers state that their pets love the flavors of these sticks, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters alike.

Less liked is that the apple sticks are reportedly rather thin and short, so your rabbit will go through them faster. Some buyers mentioned the amount of sticks you get is small compared to the price. Finally, the sticks also stick together in the packaging, which can be slightly annoying.


  • Three different flavors.
  • A reusable zip-up bag for storage.
  • No chemicals or pesticides.
  • Rabbits love the flavors.


  • Thin apple branch sticks.
  • Small amount.
  • They tend to stick together and won’t come apart easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about your furry pet’s chew, toys? Let’s answer some frequently asked questions regarding the subject.

Why Do Rabbits Need Chewing Toys?

Chewing is a natural part of rabbit behavior. Their teeth grow throughout their whole life, and in order to keep them in check, they need to find outlets to their chewing. If they don’t chew on materials rich in fiber, they might end up with teeth that are too long. This can lead to pain and make it difficult for the rabbit to eat.

a rabbit holding a flower in its mouth

Furthermore, it’s also fun! Getting your rabbit a chewing toy can help them be active, learn how to play, and provide a mental challenge.

If your pet seems bored or doesn’t want to do much, you can also watch this video for some tips on how to keep your rabbit busy.

Is It OK For Rabbits To Eat Cardboard?

It’s not dangerous for your rabbit to eat small amounts of cardboard, so you could use this material as a chewing toy from time to time. However, your furry friend’s diet should mainly consist of leafy vegetables, hay, and water, so make sure they don’t eat too much cardboard to fill themselves up since it lacks any essential nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Can I Give My Rabbit A Stuffed Animal?

The short answer is: yes you can! Rabbits love to toss stuffed toys around, so for this reason, you should give them a smaller teddy that’s lightweight. 

Also, make sure that the material is soft and doesn’t hurt your rabbit. However, since rabbits tend to chew a lot, make sure the stuffed animal isn’t filled with toxic plastic beads or cotton since this could poison your rabbit.

a person feeding a rabbit something to chew on

Conclusion: What Are the Best Rabbit Chew Toys?

Now you know that a rabbit chew toy should be safe for your pet to eat as well as appropriately sized and ideally also used by other small animals.

In our opinion, the product that delivers all these things the best is the JanYoo Exercise Molar Wooden for Teeth. It has seven different toys to keep your rabbit occupied and they’re all made of wood that’s non-toxic and free from dyes. Furthermore, they’re sturdy, easy to clean, and look pretty as well.

However, if you’re looking for a mat that doubles as a bed and a chewing toy, we recommend the Hamiledyi Grass Mat for Small Animal instead.

But which is the best rabbit chew toy in your (or your rabbit’s) opinion?

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