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Are you looking to give your rabbit some entertainment? It’s not only great for their mental development, but it also keeps them busy so they don’t chew on things in your home!

The top rabbit toys are fun and safe for your pet, and they’re usually also affordable. We found the top alternatives to make the pick easier for you.


What Kind of Toys Do Rabbits Like?

The most effective way to prevent a rabbit from chewing through your furniture is by giving them entertainment. Buying some rabbit toys helps keep the animal busy and maintains your furniture and electrical cords safe.

Rabbits love small chewing toys and things they can throw or poke around. You can also find a toy to hide treats in. You can try anything from their daily fresh greens to hay or pellets to make the toy more entertaining for your rabbit.

What Are The Best Rabbit Toys in 2020

How Do I Keep My Rabbit Entertained?

You can keep a rabbit entertained even with a low budget. If you want to DIY, here are some of the best rabbits toys.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Rabbits love toys that allow them to shred things! Toilet paper rolls make for some of the easiest and most versatile DIY rabbit toys. They will give you some cleaning up, but your rabbit will enjoy tearing their toys to pieces.

For and easy toy for your animal, just poke holes and put chewable sticks on a toilet paper roll. You can also hide treats or hay inside them to make your rabbit interested in the toy.

Twigs and Branches

Natural twigs and small branches can often be simple rabbit toys that let your bunny use their teeth. Willow sticks and apple tree branches are one of the favorite options for a bunny because of their taste.

Some fruit trees can be toxic to a small animal when the twigs are fresh. Properly dried, twigs are safe as rabbit toys and crunchier.

Pine Cones

If you happen to live in a place with pine trees, you have access to natural rabbit toys. Stuff your pockets with some cones on your next walk outdoors and give them to your rabbit to chew on at home.

Egg Cartons

Another cardboard item most people have that can be useful as a toy for a small animal is an egg carton. Save a couple, cut holes in them and stuff them with hay to make some rabbit toys.

Cardboard Boxes

You can build a small, chewable rabbits toy to hide in from a cardboard box. Just make sure to take out any tape before you give your rabbit the box so they don’t eat it.

Do Rabbits Need Chew Toys?

Yes, rabbits need chew toys. A rabbit’s teeth grow throughout their whole life, at a rate of about 0.4 inches a month. The incisors, or long front teeth, need to be worn out with fiber-rich food like hay and leafy vegetables, or animal chewing toys. Otherwise, they might become overgrown.

What Are the Best Toys for Rabbits?

The ideal rabbit toys are actually baby toys! These stack up cups from The First Years are versatile for your rabbit to play with on their own, or with treats.

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The Top Toys for Floppy-Eared Friends

These are the top rabbit toys you can buy in 2020.

Our Overview

Some baby toys make for excellent bunny boredom breakers. Rabbits love unstacking these stacking cups and throwing them around. They’re also the perfect size for hiding small treats inside to make them more interesting.

Another good thing about baby toys is that they’re often free of the toxins that plastics commonly include. What’s safe for a small human is safe for a small and sensitive animal, too. These cup toys are free of phthalates, PBA and lead.

The cups are also great as rabbit toys because most won’t gnaw on them. Still, if you’ve got a big chewer, you might want to pair these cups with wooden toys to save the plastic.

  • Fun and developmental for an animal.
  • Perfect small size for a rabbit.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Phthalate, PBA and lead-free.
  • Not safe for big chewers.
Our Overview

Tunnel toys are a fun addition to your rabbit’s home as places for sleep, play and hiding. This small one from Living World is also a safe place for your rabbit to play outdoors, without having to worry about predatory animals. You can secure it to the ground with corner ties so it won’t get swept up in the wind.

You can place treats or other objects inside to make the tunnel even more fun. It has an opening in the middle with velcro attachments that you can use to add another tunnel.

The fabric is also easy to wipe clean but in case of pee, you can also wash it by hand with soap. It’s better not to toss this rabbit toy in the washing machine because the metal wires could get damaged.

At 7.9 inches wide and 35.4 inches long, the tunnel is likely too large to use in a cage. It’s collapsible though, so it’s easy to store this rabbit toy in your home after playing.

  • Easy to store.
  • Versatile.
  • Durable.
  • Safe for playing inside or outdoors.
  • Takes up a lot of space.
  • The wires can push out from inside the fabric.
Our Overview

These fun little snack board toys work as exercise and mental stimulation for a small animal, and they’re specially designed for rabbits. They consist of round, 8-inch wide plastic boards with lids your pet can lift to reveal treats.

The lids don’t fit too tightly, so your rabbit doesn’t have too hard of a time taking them out. They can either push with their paws or use their teeth to lift up the lids. You also won’t have to worry about them moving the board around, thanks to the rubber ring at the bottom that keeps it in place.

Note that the board is plastic. If your pet has a tendency to chew everything in sight, don’t leave them alone with it. The feeding holes are also small, so a bigger bunny will have some trouble picking out small treats.

  • Fun mental development game for a small animal.
  • Sturdy and stays in place.
  • Keeps rabbits interested for a long time.
  • The lids are easy to lift out.
  • Beware of your pet chewing the plastic.
  • The feeding holes are small.
Our Overview

This rabbit toy alternative from Ware Manufacturing is small, easy and natural. It’s a 4-inch ball made out of intertwined willow branches, with no plastic, metal or glue to hurt your rabbit.

The willow balls are an affordable and convenient option for a natural chew toy, especially for big city bunnies. You can also buy them in packs of three or five—and you might need to, because these kinds of rabbit toys don’t last long.

Not every rabbit loves willow branches, but some like them a little too much. If your pet eats too much willow, it might be too rough on the intestines of a small animal. Make sure they don’t munch through the entire ball on one sitting.

  • Natural.
  • Affordable.
  • No metal, plastic or glue.
  • Can be used to roll around or chew.
  • Won’t last long.
  • Not for sensitive stomachs or big chewers.
Our Overview

These wooden kebab rabbit toys from Kaytee are made of pine tree wood and painted with vegetable dyes. You can hang them in their cage with an easy-to-use metal hook and throw them out when your animal is done.

The bad part of these rabbit toys is the small metal part that’s used to hang the toy in the cage. If your floppy-eared buddy gnaws through everything they see, it can get dangerous when they’ve run out of wood. Make sure you control the situation and retire the toy when the wood is gone.

  • Natural pine is a rabbit favorite.
  • Safe, natural dyes that don’t stain you or your bunny.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Easy to hang in the cage.
  • Affordable.
  • The metal string can be dangerous for voracious chewers.
  • Runs out fast.

The Top Toys for Your Furry Friend

Our favorite rabbit toy is the The First Years Stack Up Cup set. It’s made for infants, but works as a top game for fur babies, too. Bunnies enjoy stacking up and pushing around the cups, and you can make it even more fun for them by hiding treats inside.

Also check out the other options if your rabbit is an insatiable chewer. With most chewable rabbit toys, you’ll have to replace them often, but they’ll help keep your home safe!


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