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If you plan to take your rabbit out for a walk, you’ll need a way to ensure your rabbit doesn’t get lost or hop away. You’ll need a rabbit harness and leash to keep them safe. 

There are endless rabbit harnesses available on the market, and finding a suitable harness may be challenging. You need to find a harness that is of good quality and is comfortable on your rabbit’s body. However, some harnesses can be dangerous if you don’t know what to look for.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of the best rabbit harness options on the market. 

We will review the following products to pick out the best rabbit harness:

What to consider when looking for a rabbit harness


The Best Rabbit Harness: Buying Guide

Before buying your pet rabbit its first harness, there are a few things you need to consider. There are many good harnesses available on the market; however, a few are downright dangerous. There are key features to look out for that can help you differentiate between the two. 

How To Measure Your Rabbit

From the size to the fit, there are a lot of factors to consider. Although most harnesses are sized by your rabbit’s weight, it would certainly help to measure your rabbit as well. 

The best way to measure your furry friend is around the middle, neck, and lengthwise. The easiest way to measure your rabbit is to use a flexible measuring tape. 

What To Look For in a Rabbit Harness

Buying the correct size is important. It needs to be big enough to fit your rabbit comfortably but not too big that your pet rabbit can slip out of. The harness should not be too tight so that it restricts your rabbit’s movements.

Your rabbit needs to feel comfortable wearing the harness. If your rabbit is fussy about wearing a harness, look for a harness that’s made with padding. Alternatively, an adjustable harness should work just as well. 

Find a harness that’s incredibly easy to put on and take off. Rabbits don’t always enjoy the process, so the quicker and safer it is for your rabbit, the better. 

An elasticated leash is the safest option for your pet rabbit. Any other leash can cause your rabbit to injure itself. Since rabbits can be startled easily, they can runoff, and a leash without stretch could easily break their neck or back in a panic.

The safety of your rabbit is your top priority. Do not risk buying a harness that isn’t made for a rabbit. Some rabbits simply don’t take to wearing a harness at all. It is important that you don’t force your rabbit to wear one or force them to take walks. 

brown rabbit

The Types of Rabbit Harnesses

Generally, there are three types of harness styles that are best suited for your rabbit. Each style comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at these three styles to help you make an informed choice.

Mesh Vest

The most popular style of rabbit harness is the mesh vests. The mesh vests are designed to fit around your rabbit’s body and make it difficult for them to escape. 

These mesh vests come with velcro fasteners or snap buckles that comfortably close around the neck and waist. The mesh material ensures that the vests are breathable and comfortable for your pet rabbit. 


The H-harness is another popular choice. The H-harness is made from nylon straps that wrap around your rabbit’s belly and fasten in the back. These nylon straps are adjustable to custom-fit your rabbit. 

The one disadvantage of the H-harness is that it can put a strain on your rabbit’s neck. Never buy an H-harness that is not made for a rabbit; it may look the same, but the fit will be uncomfortable.

Decorative white rabbit in green grass. Cute pet.

Caution needs to be taken with an H-harness. If the straps are not correctly adjusted to fit your rabbit’s body, it could cause an injury. The second strap has the potential to slide up your rabbit’s body towards its neck and choke or put a strain on its delicate neck. Look for H-harnesses that come equipped with a D-ring situated at the rear of the second strap.

Shoulder Harness

The shoulder harness is a good choice for rabbits that are resistant to straps. The harness wraps around the shoulders of your rabbit and across the bunny’s chest. This will remove the pressure off your rabbit’s neck and onto its shoulders. 

Benefits of Using a Rabbit Harness

Now you may be wondering why on earth would you want to take your pet rabbit for a walk? There are benefits to walking your rabbit. Rabbits are naturally curious fluff balls, and exploring a new area outside of your home is a good way to curb boredom. 

Another benefit to wearing a leash is to keep your pet safe. A harness allows you to control your rabbit’s movement, keeping them safe from running off and away from predators and poison risks.

Rabbits on a leash are nothing like your dog going for a walk. Unlike dogs that walk beside you, your rabbit will explore its surroundings while you follow. The purpose of the harness and leash is to keep your rabbit safe from danger and from running away. 


Reviews of the Best Rabbit Harness

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve reviewed the best rabbit harnesses on the market right now. Here are our top picks.

Our Overview

Without a doubt, the Nightangel harness is our top pick. Made from durable mesh, this harness is designed with your rabbit’s needs in mind. The mesh vest material is padded and soft, which will be very comfortable for your rabbit to wear. 

A key feature of this harness is that it can be adjusted to fit a rabbit’s chest and stomach. A bonus feature is the extra nylon strap with a snap buckle for added security. 

The harness comes with an elasticated leash that extends up to 98 inches. It is available in three different colors as well as four different sizes, perfect for rabbits in every shape and size.


  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Elastic leash included.
  • Adjustable at the stomach and chest.
  • Fastens with velcro and snap buckle.


  • Some wrigglers have managed to get out of the harness if the sizing isn’t spot on.

Our Overview

This harness comes with an adjustable strap with velcro and an e-z snap buckle to secure your pet rabbit easily. The Kaytee Comfort Harness is designed to conveniently fit your pet’s shape. Made from nylon, this vest is made to be comfortable and safe for smaller rabbits.

The harness comes in a variety of colors and sizes. However, make sure to measure your rabbit before purchasing. The style and design of this vest harness are smaller than most. A size Large could be too small for large breed rabbits and is best for dwarf rabbits.

The elasticated leash allows for flexibility and safety. The stretch of the leash is designed to prevent any harm or injuries should your pet rabbit attempt to make a run for it.


  • Affordable.
  • A 6-foot stretchy leash included.
  • Adjustable strap.


  • The sizes listed are made smaller than conventional measurements.
  • Not suitable for large breed rabbits.
  • No padding in the vest.

Our Overview

The Calunce Soft Rabbit harness is made from mesh and comes with padding. It fits well around the body of your pet rabbit without adding pressure to its neck.

The soft vest harness is made with comfort in mind, and your pet rabbit shouldn’t feel any discomfort when wearing it. Be sure to measure your rabbit before purchasing this harness, as it’s best suited for small rabbits that weigh between 3 and 6 pounds.

The mesh vest has adjustable velcro straps and a buckle to ensure that your rabbit is snug and secure. It comes with a D-ring attached to the lower back of the vest. This feature provides added safety to your pet rabbit while on the leash.

The leash is made from nylon and isn’t elasticated. However, with the D-ring attachment, you can replace the nylon leash with an elasticated one for the safety of your rabbit. The mesh vest harness comes in a selection of colors.


  • Comfortable padded mesh vest.
  • Rear D-ring fastener.
  • Adjustable straps.


  • Only suitable for smaller rabbits.
  • Non-elasticated leash.

Our Overview

This harness from Trixie is padded and made from nylon with added mesh. This makes this vest harness comfortable for your furry friend and breathable to wear.

The soft vest has an adjustable nylon strap with a snap buckle by the stomach and chest area. The harness also comes with a velcro attachment that easily fastens around the neck area. 

The included leash is elasticated and can be extended from 47 inches to 98 inches. This harness is designed for smaller rabbits weighing under 4 pounds, but there is a larger size available for bigger bunnies.


  • The mesh vest is soft and breathable.
  • Elasticated leash with the option to extend.
  • Easy to put on.


  • Rabbits may escape if you don’t fasten it tightly.

Our Overview

This harness from Hypeety is specifically designed to reduce tugging and pulling. This is to ensure the safety of your rabbit and the safety of pulling on its neck. The design of the harness is made to never put any strain on your rabbit’s neck by using soft material.

The harness is made from breathable mesh fabric, with the added bonus of soft padding. It comes with a cute little bow tie to help your rabbit look stylish on its walk.

 You can easily secure your rabbit in the harness securely using the velcro straps. The mesh vest is designed to suit all types of weather. 

The harness is designed to not be too bulky and restrain your pet’s movement, and will prevent your pet rabbit from overheating. There are various sizes and colors to choose from.


  • The mesh vest is designed to keep the strain off your rabbit’s neck.
  • The soft padding adds to your rabbit’s comfort.
  • Designed for all weather conditions.
  • Cute bowtie design.


  • Comes with a non-elasticated nylon leash.

Our Overview

This harness from Zaryieeo comes with a dual purpose. The first is that it functions as a harness for your pet rabbit. The harness is equipped with a clip and velcro straps, so it’s simple to secure around the middle and neck of your rabbit. It comes with a D-ring situated at the lower back of the harness to avoid any pressure around your rabbit’s neck. 

Made from a soft and breathable fabric, this harness comes with mesh to keep your beloved pet from overheating. The second purpose of this harness is that it can be used as a little vest that your rabbit can wear the whole day. It is soft and comfortable and adds a level of comfort to your pet, or a fashionable outfit if you’re visiting friends.

This harness is made for smaller rabbits, but there are various sizes to choose from. There is a helpful sizing chart online to assist you with buying the correct size. 


  • Equipped with a D-ring to prevent any pressure on your rabbit’s neck and body.
  • Made from breathable fabric that is cool and comfortable.
  • Dual-purpose; can be used as a vest and a harness.
  • Sizing chart for correct measurements.


  • No leash included.
  • Only available in one color.
  • Made for smaller rabbit breeds.

Our Overview

When buying an H-harness for your pet rabbit, always make sure that it’s made for a rabbit to wear. This harness comes with adjustable straps made from high-quality nylon. The manufacturer has specifically designed the H-harness to reduce any pulling and tugging. To reduce any strain on your rabbit’s neck, the D-ring is conveniently situated on the rear of the second strap.

As safe as the design is, care needs to be taken. The leash is not elasticated, and it could injure your rabbit, so it might be worth investing in a new leash. A word of caution, the second strap of an H-harness has the potential to slide up your rabbit’s body and hurt its neck. When using the harness, always make sure that it is adjusted securely to fit your rabbit’s body.

A general rule of thumb is, when adjusting the straps, two of your fingers should be able to slip through between the harness and your rabbit’s body. If your fingers cannot, it is too tight. 


  • Comes in a pack of two.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to adjust the straps to your rabbit’s size.


  • Nylon lead, not elasticated.
  • Can injure your rabbit if care is not taken.

Selective focus shot of a cute rabbit with a harness on green grass


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe for My Rabbit To Wear a Harness?

It is absolutely safe for your rabbit to wear a harness. As long as the harness is designed for a rabbit and not a cat or a dog, your rabbit will be just fine.

How Do I Measure My Rabbit?

To prevent a harness slipping off, it is critical to measure your rabbit. Measure it around the neck, middle, and lengthwise to get an accurate measurement and compare it to size charts for the product you’re interested in. 

Can My Rabbit Wear a Dog Collar?

Rabbits should never wear a collar around their neck. Rabbits can startle easily, and a harness supports their bodies and is safer. If your rabbit is wearing a collar while on a leash and is startled, when it runs, the leash could potentially break your rabbit’s neck or choke it.


Conclusion: What Is the Best Rabbit Harness?

As you can see, our top pick is the Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits. Choosing a harness that is soft and padded is more comfortable for your pet rabbit. A harness vest with mesh is breathable, which will prevent your rabbit from overheating.

Elasticated leashes are the safest option for your pet rabbit. The stretch in the leash will prevent your rabbit from breaking its neck or back if it tries to runoff. Elasticated leashes can be bought separately if the harness you like doesn’t come with one.

Measuring your rabbit can save you the headache of buying the incorrect size. Since most rabbit harnesses are adjustable, always make sure that it fits your pet rabbit correctly. The two-finger rule applies when adjusting the harness. If you cannot fit two of your fingers between the harness and your rabbit, then it is too tight.

Care should always be taken when buying a harness for your rabbit. Your rabbit needs to be leash trained to succeed in putting on a harness and going for walks. Always make sure you buy a harness made for rabbits. Any other harness could put your pet rabbit at risk.

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