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Best Large Rabbit Cage in 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

For all rabbit owners with a larger-than-average furry friend or for those who have more than one rabbit, getting a large cage is vital. A standard-sized rabbit will also appreciate as much roaming space as possible.

If your bunny doesn’t have enough space to sleep, play, and go about their business, their health and happiness might be compromised.

Therefore, we’ve created the ultimate buying guide for finding the best large rabbit cage. We’ll also review the following products:

The best large rabbit

How To Choose the Best Large Rabbit Cage

First, let’s look at what features your cage should have and how much space is enough for one or more rabbits.


Each rabbit you own needs a roaming space that’s at least four times as long and twice as wide as their full-grown size. 

For larger rabbits, this naturally means a larger cage. Some of the heaviest rabbit breeds out there that also tend to be the largest in size include French Lops, Giant Chinchilla, New Zealand, Flemish Giant and Checkered giant. If your pet is one of these breeds, you’ll do best to go for a large rabbit cage at least 30 by 36 inches.

The same thing goes if you have multiple pets. For a medium-sized rabbit, you should have a cage that’s at least 24 by 36 inches. If you have two rabbits, your cage should then be a minimum of 48 by 72 inches, and so on.

Levels and Separate Rooms

If you don’t have that much space available in your home or garden for a huge rabbit cage, a good alternative is to go for a multi-leveled cage. These have several floors connected by ramps that your rabbit can climb and play on and make use of more vertical space in your room.

If you have more than one rabbit, it’s also a good idea to get separate hutches for all of them, meaning that you can separate the cage into two parts if needed. This is necessary if one of your pets gets hurt or if you keep both male and female rabbits that you want to breed later on.

Finally, invest in a cage with some hiding places for your rabbit since they will feel more secure if they have a room with a roof and walls they can shield themselves off in.


In terms of the cage itself, you can choose between metal or wood. Metal wires are more durable, and your rabbit won’t chew through it. However, wooden cages look prettier and go better with home interiors. These hutches also give your pet more hiding space.

two brown and two orange bunnies inside a wooden wired cage

Please avoid getting a rabbit hutch made from treated pine, however, since the treatment can be toxic to your rabbit.

As for flooring, your bunny needs something soft to walk on. Some cages come with plywood floors, which are comfortable enough on their own, but it’s also harder to clean this material. Therefore, many cages use plastic or metal guards where your pet’s feces fall down to a tray below that you can simply pull out to clean. 

Make sure to cover the plastic or metal floor in hay, grass, or wood shavings, however, to prevent your rabbit’s feet from hurting.


No one wants cleaning their rabbit cage to be a hassle, so invest in a cage that has a removable base or pull-out tray. The detachable base means that you can simply tip all the dirt into the garbage can and then attach it back to the cage.

A pull-out tray is even easier to use, and you simply pull the tray with feces and old hay out, clean it, and then put it back underneath the cage. If your rabbits have a grate on top of the tray they can stand on, you don’t have to take them out of the cage when you want to clean it. They don’t have to stand in their own discharge either.

Doors and Locks

In order to access your bunny as easily and comfortably as possible, invest in a cage with several large doors. These access points should ideally be on different sides of the cage as well, such as a roof that can be opened and a big front door.

You don’t want your rabbit to escape either, especially if you keep their cage outside. For this reason, make sure that the cage comes with sturdy locks as well as a well-built construction that doesn’t fall apart.


If you travel a lot or need to move your cage between places, go for one that’s foldable and doesn’t take up much space in your car or luggage. Naturally, the lighter the cage, the easier it is to carry as well.

a large brown rabbit sitting on top of wooden shavings

If you want to move your rabbit cage around your house, invest in one that has wheels. The best large rabbit cage also has brakes that keep the wheels in place when you’ve found the perfect spot for your pet’s home.


Many cages are equipped with things such as water bottles, food bowls, hay guards, and toys. Note that if you keep several rabbits, we recommend getting a food bowl and a water bottle for each one of them to prevent fights.

If you’re wondering how to set up your rabbit cage, watch this video for some guidance.

Reviews of the Best Large Rabbit Cages

Now we’re moving on to the fun part: reviewing the best large rabbit cage options on the market in 2021!

Our Overview

This is one of the largest rabbit cages on our list, measuring 46.9 by 22.8 by 24 inches, so an average-sized bunny has plenty of roaming space. It also has several access points, such as a large front door as well as a roof that opens up completely in two parts.

The Deluxe Habitat further has a deep 8.5-inch base, which means that hay and dirt are more likely to stay inside the cage and not on your floor. It also has a balcony with an access ramp that provides some hiding space underneath for your pet. Also included with the cage are a drip-proof water bottle, a food bowl, and a hay guard.

Customers like how this cage is easy to assemble as you need no tools and can put it together by clipping eight plastic clips in place. They also state that it’s chew-proof and easy to clean since the top of the cage comes off, and you can simply dump the waste into your garbage can.

Less popular, however, is that the elevated balcony doesn’t feel sturdy since it doesn’t attach to anything. If you have a heavy rabbit, take note of this. The water bottle reportedly doesn’t give much water either and it tends to fall down if it’s bumped, according to some users.


  • A large cage for an average-sized rabbit.
  • Three large access points.
  • Deep 8.5-inch base prevents spillover.
  • Comes with a water bottle, food bowl, hay guard, and elevated balcony.
  • Easy to put together.
  • The base comes off, which makes it easy to clean.


  • The elevated balcony is flimsy.
  • Water bottle tends to malfunction.

Our Overview

This is a sturdy metal wire cage that your rabbit won’t be able to chew through. It also has a powdered-coated top for further stability. With a size of 47.24 by 23.62 by 19.44 inches, it will give an average-sized bunny lots of space to play on. It’s also rather lightweight at 16.7 pounds, so you’ll be able to carry it around your house with ease.

Some features of the Wabbitat Deluxe XL include a 5.5-inch deep base that keeps hay and dirt inside the cage, two large side doors, and a roof access point, as well as an elevated feeding area with privacy space underneath it. This cage also includes a water bottle, hay feeder, and a feeding bowl.

According to buyers, the Wabbitat folds down completely, making it easy to transport or store when not in use. They also like the pretty, tasteful colors of this cage as well as how sturdy the locks and clips are.

Some users feel like this cage is difficult to put together, however, and lacks clear instructions. Others state that the included water bottle leaks, which is another con.


  • Sturdy metal cage that’s chew-proof.
  • Portable and easy to store.
  • Deep base prevents spillover.
  • Two large side doors and a roof door for easy access.
  • Elevated feeding area, hay feeder, bowl, and water bottle included.
  • Sturdy locks and clips.


  • Not the easiest to assemble.
  • Leaky water bottle, according to users.

Our Overview

This is a fence-type of cage that has an open floor design for your rabbit to play and bounce around safely. What’s great about this type of cage is that you can customize the shape of it to make a low and wide cage with a roof or a spacious playpen with high sides.

The set-up comes with 28 panels, and each of them is 15 inches long, which means that the largest space you can get out of the cage is a whole 210 x 210 inches. It is possible to add to your set with more panels to create a roof or a larger cage.

Included with the panels are also anti-slip mats that prevent the connectors from scratching the floor. There are also cable ties that you can tie around the panels to make them more secure and stable.

Users feel like the cage is super easy to clean as you can take it apart and reassemble it however you like. It also folds up flat, which makes it easy to store when not in use. In terms of putting it together, many buyers feel like the assembly is straightforward and fast.

However, due to the open design of the fence, there is no privacy space for your rabbit, which might make them feel less safe. Also, this cage doesn’t come with any accessories or any flooring or detachable base that stores dirt.


  • Customizable shape and large space.
  • Anti-slip mats to protect your floor.
  • Included cable ties for sturdy assembly.
  • Very simple clean up.
  • Folds up flat for storage.
  • Easy to put together.


  • Provides no hiding space.
  • No accessories included.
  • Doesn’t have a base that stores feces.

Our Overview

For those of you looking for a budget-friendly large cage, this 47.64 by 13.98 by 24.21-inch pet habitat is a great alternative. This is also the lightest cage on our list, weighing only 13.87 pounds, making it easy to move it around. It also has a divider, so you can keep both female and male rabbits in the same cage and have a separate space for breeding.

Other features of the Amazon Basics cage include a canvas flooring that’s soft for your rabbits to walk on and easy to wipe off dirt from as well. According to customers, it also folds up small, so you can store it away when you don’t use it.

There’s also an elevated feeding space for your rabbit that comes with the habitat, which provides some privacy for your pet as well as a second level they can play on. Appreciated by users is also the all-black design that suits most homes and isn’t an “eyesore”.

However, buyers have noted that the cage doesn’t hold together very well, and it’s difficult to move from one place to another. It’s reportedly also difficult to put together since instructions aren’t clear, and there are no accessories included with the cage either.


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with a divider.
  • Soft and easy-to-clean canvas flooring.
  • Folds up small for storage.
  • Elevated feeding space provides privacy and a climbing platform.


  • Not very sturdy.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • No accessories included.

Our Overview

In terms of multi-level habitats for your rabbit, this is the best large cage in our opinion. It provides a 35.3 by 21 by 21-inch roaming space for your pet as well as a platform and a ramp, making the space even larger. What’s great about the second level is that it gives your rabbit a secluded hiding space underneath it as well.

The Petsfit Indoor Rabbit Hutch also comes with a pull-out tray that makes it super easy to clean dirt and feces from your rabbit without having to take apart the whole cage. It further has wall guards, which prevent hay from spilling over and three access points for you to reach your bunny easily.

According to customers, this cage is easy to assemble due to the pre-made holes in the different parts that make drilling easy as well as snapping the design into place. 

However, note that this cage is made of treated spruce pine that can be toxic to your rabbit. Even though this manufacturer states that the treatment is environmentally friendly, more research is needed on if this can be harmful to your pet.

Also, rabbits tend to chew through the wooden ramp and balcony, and the wood parts also absorb smells easily.


  • Two-level cage.
  • Provides privacy for your bunny.
  • Pull-out tray that’s easy to clean.
  • Wall guards prevent spillover.
  • Three large doors to access your rabbit.
  • Easy to put together.


  • Treated pine can potentially be toxic to your pet.
  • Rabbits tend to chew through the wood.
  • The wood absorbs smells.

a white rabbit inside a wired cage with wooden shavings

Summary: The Best Large Rabbit Cage Is…

Now you know that the best large rabbit cage is spacious, has separate hutches, and is easy to keep clean. It also gives your bunny some hiding space and is easy to store and carry around. But which is the best product on the market right now?

In our opinion, the winner is the Living World Deluxe Habitat X-Large. It has lots of space, large doors, and a deep base that prevents spillover. It also comes with several accessories and is easy to put together.

If you’re looking for a more affordable cage, we recommend the Amazon Basics Small Pet Habitat Cage instead. It’s cheaper than other cages while still providing a comfortable, easy-to-clean canvas for your rabbit and is light and easy to carry as well.

But which large rabbit cage suits you and your rabbit the best?

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